Laurence Hames
Business Acquisitions, Transactions and Planning
Business Acquisitions, Transactions and Planning

Small and medium-size businesses are the lifeblood of Central Florida's economic community. In today's economic environment, you may consider starting your own business with the skills and experience you've accumulated. But it requires more than passion to make it work. The method by which you start or acquire a business will impact the ongoing character of the business, its operations, its life ... and yours.

There are myriad considerations to evaluate if you are thinking about acquiring a business, starting a business or keeping one viable: form of ownership, method of acquisition, financing options and preferable tax structuring are just a few ... not to mention the complicated notion of precisely who is going to do what to keep the business profitable. Similarly-- whether you have a closely held business or a franchise-- negotiating, documenting and closing the transaction require attention
and experience.

It doesn't matter if your business is an idea, a fledgling start-up or a thriving enterprise. Succeeding in today's business environment is no longer "business as usual." Look for experienced and reliable counsel to advise you throughout the lifecycle of your business.

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